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Dr. Barbara Cull-Wilby
Healing Consultant - Motivational Speaker - YogAlign Teacher

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     I am a Teacher I am a Mother, a daughter, a wife, a woman. And I love my work in each of those roles!!! I am also a Doctor of Philosophy. My research focuses on what it means to be human! I consider that I have been Christian since I was in my mother's womb! As my children are. I am in my second term as an Elder of my church. Thich Nhat Hanh and the nuns and monks of Plum Village gave me the Buddhist name of: "Liberating Awareness of the Heart." Isn't that beautiful! Aren't people interesting!

     If feeling overwhelmed: Try practicing being aware of somehow integrating projects - it is more effective and enjoyable than juggling too many separate balls in the air at once.

Peace be with you and yours.

Barbara Cull-Wilby

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     Barbara Cull-Wilby, PhD, MEd, BN ~ Barbara is the Founder of Wholecare®: a research-based global vision uniting science, healing and life. As a healing practitioner Barbara draws on her 28 years of nursing experience. She has authored the video: Living Each Breath - Asthma - A DisCovery of Self; the article: Healing - A Theory and Practice; and the chapter: Breath and Body Wisdom - Experiencing the Personal Power of Self. Barbara draws on her extensive background in nursing, yoga, PHD work on Healing, varied alternative studies, and her own yoga practice to work with people where they are at. Sessions may include talk, energy work, massage, yoga.

     Wholecare is grounded in Dr. Cull-Wilby’s research which was funded by the Leonard and Kathleen O’Brien Humanitarian Trust, the Nurses’ Respiratory Society of the Canadian Lung Association, the New Brunswick Nurses’ Association, the National Health & Research Development Program of Health & Welfare Canada, the University of New Brunswick, Canada and the University of Rochester, New York.